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A Life in the Spirit Seminar establishes or deepens a person’s relationship with Jesus Christ; and leads the participant to experience an awakening of the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit bestowed at Baptism and Confirmation. 

Most of us have heard about the Holy Spirit and most of us have learned about the Holy Spirit, but many times that is as far as our experience has gone.  The Holy Spirit is a real person, a part of the Blessed Trinity just like Jesus and the Father.  We receive the Holy Spirit through the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation.  Through what is called the baptism in the Holy Spirit, a personal conversion experience, the power that the Holy Spirit is released within us.


One illustration that helps some people understand this concept is through the image of a candle.  It is designed with a wick that, when lit, creates or releases its light, so to speak; only at that time does the candle completely fulfill the purpose for which it was created.  Until then, it may be pleasant to look at, but it does not fulfill its purpose of emanating light.  The candle’s ability to be a source of light is always within it due to its design and the way it is made, but until something happens to “empower” that candle, until the wick is lit, it lies "dormant,” it does not fully become what it was designed to be.  So it is with all of us.  We have been designed by God and empowered with the power of the Holy Spirit.  But until that power is released, it lays dormant as does the light of the candle.  A Life-in-the-Spirit Seminar is designed to help us yield to the action, empowerment and the power of the Holy Spirit in our own lives just as He empowered the early church on the day of Pentecost.


Many who have attended a Life-in-the-Spirit Seminar have experienced God and the Holy Spirit in a way they had never done before.  It is not unusual for people to fall more deeply in love with the Eucharist, with Jesus Christ and the Trinity, with the Mass, and with the Bible.


If you are at least open to the possibility that you can deepen your personal relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, why not attend a Life-in-the-Spirit Seminar?  It may change your life!!  It has for millions and millions of Catholics, who are living a holier, Spirit-filled, Spirit-empowered life today.

We hope you can deepen your personal relationship with the Holy Spirit. 

He is calling you!

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