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From June 8 to 10 of last year, three Parishes from Baltimore County organized this wonderful weekend event.  It was a weekend to remember.  The praise, worship, and teachings were filled with the Holy Spirit.  The music lifted the fervor of over 200 participants of which 70 attended the Seminar for the first time!

During the three days, we first gathered and started praising and worshiping our Lord.  Afterwards, we listened to the teachings and witness testimonies, followed by our group discussions.  On Saturday and Sunday, we celebrated Holy Mass.  And, on Saturday, we specially prayed for the release of the Holy Spirit, which fired our hearts even more!  Some of us started, for the first time, a deep personal relationship with the Holy Spirit and others went into a deeper level on this relationship.


A sincere Thank You goes to all who participated during this successful event.  And, if you were unable to come or did not know of this magnificent event, you must come next time and experience this wonderful opportunity to know The Trinity with the inspiration and aid of the Holy Spirit!

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